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The Job Seeker

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Central Point, OR 97502
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Helping People Helping Nature Since 1987

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The Job Seeker is sort of like or only much more focused. Because we are more focused, we are smaller. Here are the key points you need to know:

1. Focused: We only list job openings in the Environmental and Natural Resources fields, not every type of job. We list jobs for biologists, foresters, conservationists, ecologists, wildlife managers, environmental educators and researchers, fisheries, and the like. That is all.

2. Two Businesses in One:
A. A Subscription Service: We produce a newsletter twice a month. ONLY subscribers get it. It is available on-line but it is password protected. Most of the jobs in the newsletter are listed there for free. That means the employer gets to list with The Job Seeker free of charge. Since the employer does not pay to list their job, the subscriber pays to see those jobs.
B. A Web Job Advertising Service: We also have a website. (DUH!) Some employers would like to take advantage of it to publicize their openings. They want non-subscribers who visit the website to see their job openings. They can do this for $1 a day or for $129 for 12-months of unlimited advertising. Since these employers paid to list their job, no one else has to pay to see them. Of course, they end up copied into the newsletter too but that is just to better serve our subscribers.

3. Huge Clientele: Most of our subscribers are colleges and universities, not surprisingly. Some of the jobs we list are seasonal and temporary in nature - just what students are looking for. Not all but probably upwards of 30% most of the year and higher from December to May. What this means is that employers gain access to thousands of students, faculty, and graduates through these subscriptions. The vast majority of subscribers get the emailed version of the newsletter and they are authorized to share it with their constituents. And remember, the employer paid $0.00 for all of this exposure!

4. Resume Service: Some employers like to search resumes and contact potential new hires directly. But if they try to do that on they find they are overloaded with "junk" resumes. Most of the people they find and contact are no longer looking for a job - but they leave their resume out there anyway. So, the employer stops looking. The Job Seeker offers a Resume Service too. But only serious job seekers, serious enough to subscribe to The Job Seeker, are allowed to post their resume in the database. This way, a person's resume is not lost among thousands of others. It also means that employers can be confident that the people they contact are genuinely interested in a job. Employers are allowed to search the resumes for free. Again, the resume holder paid us to post it. We don't need to get paid twice for the same service.

5. Social Network: With the launch of this new website, The Job Seeker is making it possible for job seeking individuals to share information with each other on the Open Forum. They can ask questions about career fields, schools, job-related experiences, and the like. It is available to all who become a registered user. To become a registered user is free. Registered users may use the free content on the website but are locked out of the newsletters. To see the newsletters, one must become a subscriber.

That's it! Maybe not your typical job search site. But being unique and interesting is not a bad thing, right? The Job Seeker has been in business since 1987. We plan to be here a good bit longer. We are modernizing our technology, finding new ways to serve our friends and customers.

We are glad you visited with us today!



The Job Seeker.

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