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The Job Seeker

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Central Point, OR 97502
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Helping People Helping Nature Since 1987

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Services We Provide Job Seekers!

The Job Seeker specializes in Job Vacancies in the following disciplines:

Natural Resources Management
Marine Science
Environmental Action and Policy
Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Environmental Education
Research and Teaching
Environmental Sciences
Soil and Water Conservation

1. Job Vacancies listed on the Website!

Register your email address in the On-Line Jobs section and receive an email every time a new vacancy is posted on-line. Registering is a free service and is not the same as subscribing. You need not ever register to view the On-Line Jobs section - only to be automatically emailed each new On-Line job posting.

2. More Job Vacancies in the Newsletter!

All Employers may list a vacancy in the newsletter for free. Imagine the unique, hard to find, and interesting jobs this policy will provide to you!

The catch is that someone has to pay for the newsletter. Since the Employers do not, the Job Seekers must. But the cost is minimal and subscriptions may be canceled at any time for a pro-rated refund. The newsletter is published twice each month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Be sure to get your copy. These jobs are not listed in the On-Line Jobs section. Become a subscriber!

3. The Job Seeker Resume Database!

Only Paid Subscribers may post their resume in the database. There are resumes only from serious Job Seekers. Therefore, the employers who use the service know they do not have to waste their time reading resumes from not-so-serious Job Seekers. And employers may search the database for Free!


The Job Seeker.

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